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Posted by ArtWitchStudios - 2 days ago

Version 1.12: Webp

Ya know when you save a picture, then go to look at it and your computer doesn't really know what to do with it? That's webp. I have been a png guy for a long time, it's my go to. I knew I could optimize in webp, but I'd have to do each file individually.

But wow does it optimize. It tore down a lot. I didn't do the whole project yet, I'd like to test it with some people, but just by saving about half the game, we're down 20 megs and I think performance has improved a lot.

However, it's not perfect. One of the biggest scenes, the blurring looks like ass, so they have to remain pngs. That's also where the audio skips the most. However, the rest of the game seems to be running a lot smoother. So lets hear it for webp!

Also, on a fan suggestion, I added an easter egg of Megamilk to Naomi's keyphrases.



Posted by ArtWitchStudios - 4 days ago

We launched on Newgrounds first because we wanted to face up against a tough audience, and we did. But you guys still loved us a lot. At current, we're standing at a 4.53 rating, and we are so glad so many of you have absolutely loved it.

We'll still be updating here. But for those who wanted a download, you can now get it on itch.io at https://artwitch.itch.io/love-sucks-night-one !


Posted by ArtWitchStudios - 4 days ago

Version 1.11-So many commas

So we were going to do optimizations next to help with more audio. But after looking at some parts of the game, it really needed editing. So we did that. We added so many commas. We really did. 

After release there were a lot of things to fix, and we're tackling them as we can. It's hard to take the game as a whole though, to not focus on one scene, one problem, one issue. But this one was a whole pass at the whole game. We fixed grammar, effects, out of place facial expressions, and patched a few plot holes as well as interactions with the girls. Most players won't notice the difference enough to play again, that will come soon. But it felt good to actually sit down and edit a lot. Next up is optimization for more sounds.



Posted by ArtWitchStudios - 5 days ago

Version 1.1

So when we were crunching, one thing that didn't make it in was lewd sound effects. Beyond their great voice lines, we had two fantastic voice actresses who gave it their all in performance of lewd acts. Those didn't make it in, as well as sex foley. But we finally got a group of scenes in.

We're not done yet with sounds, but 4 scenes now have been made a lot better with them. 3 still remain. However, a problem is that this increases the size of the game, so some optimization is in order.

For those of you who complained about the music, the problem is from when the game is loading up assets for the next scenes. So a round of optimization will not only help with loading times, but also with it running more smoothly. We're hoping to decrease the size of several assets by converting them to webp, which is a pain in the butt, but we like all of you so we're doing our best.

Version 1.1 Notes:

-Sounds added to several scenes

-Scenes modified to accommodate sounds

-Errors fixed when loading a replay that leads to death

-Facial animations fixed for Safer Sex scene.

-Various grammar changes

-More Commas added



Posted by ArtWitchStudios - 11 days ago

Well you asked for it. And we got it out. Love Sucks now has a scene selector that actually works.

Scene Selector:

You can now go to the scene selector to replay your favorite scenes. Scenes will be locked even if you've already played them, but you can hit the "Scene unlock" button from the main menu to unlock all of them, even if you haven't played the game! So feel free to see all the lewd sexiness if you're not into story.


-Tried to use Naomi's facial expressions more. She doesn't have a lot of them, but still wasn't using them

-Made corrections to the script

-Made code optimizations

-Shaved off yet another few Megabytes.

Before I got into game design I always wondered why the first few updates after release are minor shit. Now that I've produced a game, I kinda understand it. Give us time and we will keep updating, including the thing I'm excited about. It's coming up next.


Posted by ArtWitchStudios - 13 days ago

Today I worked far too hard on an OK button.

No bare with me.

Special thanks to TheSchnappi for their help with the button! I forgot to put them in the credits this build. Next one!

Attempting to get on mobile:

I saw a lot of people asking to play on their mobile devices. The game wasn't built for mobile (wasn't really built for web apparently either). So the only thing preventing people from playing on mobile was inputting a name and hitting enter. There was no keyboard that would come up, but the name randomization was there. So all that was needed was an OK button.

And that took far longer than I thought.

But the problem is that when I ran it on my phone it ran really badly. Even worse than my low expectations. Sorry mobile people, but it was really bad. But I did encounter the database error on it! So at least there was that.

But I'm going to put down this version for mobile down for now. I will keep looking around, but it's gone far down the list.

Other changes:

There were also some bug fixes and code optimizations, as well as another few megs shaved off.

Working around name entering allowed me to optimize a few things, and add in some easter eggs. I'll make a list once they fan out more.

But up next I'm going to be working on a scene selector. And then something I've been dying to do.



Posted by ArtWitchStudios - 2 weeks ago

Still hammering away on some technical corrections. We optimized the the game by a few MBs to make load time shorter and the game maybe less choppy.

The "Database" bug

I found that the error people have been getting about a Database is specific to Firefox. I use Firefox and haven't encountered it, but still looking as much as I can. We're hoping that perhaps lightening the project will help with this issue.

Sound Corrections:

Some users were reporting of sounds being off. Upon checking it out, some of Naomi's voice lines were miss-cut. Gave them a trim, so she should stop sounding like her cues are misfiring or lagging

Art Corrections:

So I found some artwork that wasn't activated. Activated it. But a user which I can't find mentioned some art looks "Unfinished", and I realized during a test playthrough that the whole Dildo Scene didn't have it's latest artwork. After a steep breath in, I fixed that quickly!

Other fixes:

-Coding fixes

-Misc spelling errors and grammar errors




Posted by ArtWitchStudios - 2 weeks ago

Out less than eight hours and we already have an update! Mostly some housecleaning and Quality of Life cleanups. We plan to do a lot of updates so check back when you can.

We see a lot of users complaining about skipping and a database error (which is weird because we don't use one). We're investigating but we started by trying to lighten a few assets to see if that would help!

Version 1.01

-New upload screen with Sammy (which also uses less space)

-Spruced up the main menu a little bit. Just a little bit. We plan for more.

-Added Naomi in her school uniform to the beginning (Can't believe we forgot that)

-Put a few key phrase Easter eggs in. See if you can guess some!

-Added tool tips about how to toggle the window off to view the artwork.

-Blowjob effects for now sanded down. They were distracting. Need another audio pass when we start getting more sound effects in

-Fixed External credits

-Spelling and grammatical corrections

-Minor Effects Corrections

We'll let you know when we update scenes and major things too

Thanks to everybody who's played it and given us great feedback!


Posted by ArtWitchStudios - 2 weeks ago

Love Sucks: Night One is finally available to play! We've worked super hard making our first game and we really hope you enjoy the first part of our three-part lewd VN :D Here's the link to play!



Posted by ArtWitchStudios - 2 weeks ago

Oh gosh, oh heck. Love Sucks: Night One gets published on Newgrounds today at 3 PM EDT. I'm both excited and terrified. We've worked so hard, I really hope you all enjoy it!