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ArtWitchStudios's News

Posted by ArtWitchStudios - October 14th, 2022

Hey Gang,

Two years ago we launched Love Sucks on Newgrounds. We weren't sure how many hits we'd get, frankly I was willing to be happy with 10k hits, which I thought would have been a nice.

By the end of the year it had 267k plays. Now we end with 445k today. Combined with Steam and itch.io, nearly a half million people have tried to keep Theo alive. And with the launch of the server, we have so many new friends and fans.

But thank you for helping us be one of the best games we can by being one of the best communities out there Newgrounds!

Thanks from the Art Witch Studios Team!

(And yes! Night Two is still coming!)


Posted by ArtWitchStudios - November 12th, 2021

A few of you might have noticed that there were no changes in Night 1 for web. That's because of a save error I went back and fixed. When I did, it seemed I was getting a heavy database mutation error, again. I tried to work on it for a week, I got it to lighten up but it seems to still happen.

We highly recommend that you check out Love Sucks on Steam or Itch for the actual installer. It runs more stable and now has music!

Still, had to upload to here. Was important. Any bugs let me know

Also, did a few grammar fixes as well!

Itch.io: https://artwitch.itch.io/love-sucks-night-one

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1577420/

Newgrounds: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/768650


Posted by ArtWitchStudios - November 1st, 2021

The update to Night One we've been working on for a while is here! If you want something spooky and sexy to play on your Halloween evening, here it is! The Night One updated includes a couple of bonus scenes, a little bit of lewd, and some expanded plot that introduces a character who will be recurring in future nights! Here's a full changelog:

1. Added two new scenes! 

2. Added pictures to other ones

3. Added more music!

(Web version only) Disabled music. The stuttering audio bug was a problem with HTLM5 that we were unable to fix no matter how much we tried to make it behave. After several complaints, we decided it was better to turn it off than grind down your ears with awful sounds. For the best listening experience, play on Steam or download the game from Itch.io to run locally on your machine!

-Developed a crossfader so music begins and ends better

-Discovered oggs can be better

-Relooped music!

-Releveled music for optimal listening

4. Fixed Pictures -Fixed Dr. B's images

-Fix Naomi images

5. Added more sound effects

6. Added a sound effect on the right channel so those of you who are crazy and don't love our voice actors should be able to sit in silence.

7. Added so many voice effects

8. Many bug fixes

9. Added Replays that just show the scene

10. Reworked character select

11. Did code work for several things coming up

We wanted it out before Halloween, but we'll take Halloween itself too! Why did it take longer than we expected? Well, Frosto, the head writer and programmer heard a sad mewing at his apartment door one day, and he took in a little kitten. After finding the owner, he was allowed to keep her!

This is Callie, and she is the little troublemaker who kept distracting him.


So what's next? We continue work on Night Two, of course! When is it coming? Well, a lot of things have happened this year, for all of us. It's been quite stressful at times, but work continues at a steady pace. Not as quickly as we were hoping, but sometimes it just be like that, you know? We have more art to finish, more writing to work on, and some more fun bits to program. If we want to make this game without having a stress-induced meltdown by crunching, Night Two is going to be coming out in the early part of 2022, barring any unforeseen circumstances. As Night Two will be a paid game, I would rather give you (and I'm sure you'd all rather play) a polished game than one we rushed and didn't enjoy working on!

As always, follow our Twitter and join our Discord for updates and to hang out with us <3


Posted by ArtWitchStudios - October 14th, 2021

Exactly one year ago, Kayla hit the button to launch Love Sucks. We were honestly so scared, we didn't know if anyone was gonna play it.

267,063 views later, 2,080 fans, 6665 exp and 1,146 friends on discord, seems our worries were unjustified.

Thank you for being one of the greatest communities on the internet, through the critiques and the great comments, through the fun of spending the year checking every day.

We were going to make a big update, but then a cat dropped into my lap and has delayed it. But it will be coming out, free here with two new scenes.

And of course, night two is coming as quickly as we can make it. Y'all great.

Keep a look out for the update this week. And if you haven't yet, join our discord. Strange people doing strange things.



Posted by ArtWitchStudios - August 29th, 2021

Oh yeah, it's all coming together.

It took four tries but we got our steam page up! Give us a wishlist if you could!

Love Sucks: Night Two on Steam



Posted by ArtWitchStudios - July 4th, 2021

Hi All, working hard on Night Two but wanted to make a few fixes to Night One

-Biggest update to this is that Anna's gift now has sounds. We had them recorded but didn't have the time to cut them up for the scene, but we finally got them in

-We also did changes to the credits. It's now easier to enter. We didn't plan on it, but we've added our Patrons to Night One! (Working on that shinier bit for upper tier. Thank you all!)

-Did various spelling corrections and grammatical changes

-No longer says Sarah's model will be in a future update. It was in last update

-Code shuffle and additional updates

As always, follow us on Twitter

And our Discord!

And we have a Patreon too!


Posted by ArtWitchStudios - April 14th, 2021

1.14 patch notes:

-New UI: We got a brand new UI that we think looks pretty snazzy, tell us how it looks

-Sarah: FeMC gets to make her appearance finally. Not playable yet, but she's there

-Night Two preview: We added a preview of Night Two, along with a small preview gallery!

-Feed Sammy: We have a game were you can feed the cat. It's under Extras


-Visual updates:

 -Lines: Everyone should have lines around them, letting them pop out consistently, monster and no monster

 -Anna No Ears: When Anna takes off her ears, the ears stay off this time

 -Anna placement: When Anna transforms she stays in the same spot

 -The Fourway: The meetup in the library is more spaced out and should flow better

 -The missing hand: Jan now flips the switch properly

 -Assorted other fixes

Other improvements:

 -New main menu (Still under construction)

 -Added most things under "Extras"

 -Renamed Scenes to Replays. Turning them into Replays soon

 -Added "Our Friends" Area

Line fixes:

 -A line flip where Theo and Naomi lines got reversed

 -Various other spelling errors.

Don't forget to check us out on Steam, Discord and Patreon!



Posted by ArtWitchStudios - April 9th, 2021

About six months ago we started right here for you fine folks of Newgrounds, and now we're up on steam.

Night One is up for free on Steam, with an exclusive Night Two Preview, a minigame, and new UI. I'll eventually get it over here, but if you're tired of the sound skipping, go check it out!

Click here or Seach for Love Sucks on Steam (cause it's an adult game)



Posted by ArtWitchStudios - March 15th, 2021

Hey Newgrounds. Know we haven't posted in a while. We had a mad crazy January and February.

But we have a new discord.

We got some posts for you this week, but for now have a brimstone.


Stay Awesome


Posted by ArtWitchStudios - January 18th, 2021

iu_227026_8107968.jpgPeople have come 100K times to see this guy try not to die.

We thought we'd have to fight for views but you guys have been the best!

Follow us on Twitter

We have a Patreon too!

And Follow our Amazing Artist Aila Anne!