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Hey Everybody,

So the end of the year was crazy for us, along with setting up a business we also go the patreon up and running, and we're prepping for Night Two. But there was some things from Night One to finish, and we're working through those. Dr. Blankenship in all her glory has been added to the game. Sarah hopefully will be coming along soon to.

There was a lot of technical fixes for performance done. The game is now under 50 megs, and effects and general editing problems were fixed. Though the average user isn't going to see a lot of changes, this is pretty big, because this means that the game has been halved in size since we started. However, three big changes:

  1. By popular demand, we increased the font size. I know that doesn't seem like a lot but that changed a lot. A lot of dialogue had to be retested and effects had to be moved around. But hopefully it's a lot easier to read.
  2. Dr. Blakenship has been added.
  3. Thanks to a user named bobdillan, we decided to redo some of Theo's motivations when it came to the girls and Naomi. He made a compelling case and we're working on smoothing out the bumps. Theo's motivations went through a lot of changes, and that was a point that bothered us, so we reworked it.

There may be a few more versions that come out before the week is out, but we're back on track!


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