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Version 1.04

Posted by ArtWitchStudios - October 19th, 2020

Well you asked for it. And we got it out. Love Sucks now has a scene selector that actually works.

Scene Selector:

You can now go to the scene selector to replay your favorite scenes. Scenes will be locked even if you've already played them, but you can hit the "Scene unlock" button from the main menu to unlock all of them, even if you haven't played the game! So feel free to see all the lewd sexiness if you're not into story.


-Tried to use Naomi's facial expressions more. She doesn't have a lot of them, but still wasn't using them

-Made corrections to the script

-Made code optimizations

-Shaved off yet another few Megabytes.

Before I got into game design I always wondered why the first few updates after release are minor shit. Now that I've produced a game, I kinda understand it. Give us time and we will keep updating, including the thing I'm excited about. It's coming up next.


Comments (2)

Well that was a rather quick update. It is pretty nifty to have a scene selector now. Here are a couple of things that you might want to know.

The scene selector does not so much let you replay a scene as it inserts you into the story at that scene and you then play on through from there. It does allow you to skip over large chunks of the story and see what the different options do with less of a time investment. However the skip option appears to have vanished when you go use the selector and it would be nice to be able to go back to the menu after the scene.

There does appear to be slightly more expressions from Naomi, though it seems like there should be more. From what I am gathering she is not suppose to be quite that stoic. Also the expression is button pushing not knob. Anyway, keep up the excellent work.

Well I figured that someone would want to say "I want to start the game from here", though the ability to replay is still an option. Would people prefer replays?

This game is just fantastic love seeing a game with options. I hope eventually you make the choices branch out further in future games. Also cant wait for night 2!